Beers & Kegs

Keeping the beer flowing at any venue is vital, and here at Kent Drinks we even deliver on BANK HOLIDAYS, so if you have been inundated - GREAT! We are here to help. We will even  connect the keg up and remove any empty kegs we have delivered. As well as all the ever popular bottled beers we also supply Cellar Gas with No deposit or weekly rental charge on all gas bottles! Now we can't say fairer than that!

An example of bottled beers and Kegs we hold in stock are shown below, if you cannot find one you are looking for , just give us a call.

Keg Lagers

Fosters 11 Gallon
1664 11 Gallon
Carling 11 Gallon
Becks 11 Gallon
Stella 10 Gallon
Carlsberg 11 Gallon
Budweiser 11 Gallon
Amstel 11 Gallon
Cobra 10 Gallon
Asahi 11 Gallon
Bottle Beers
Budweiser 24 x 330ml
Becks 24 x 275ml
Peroni 24 x 330ml
Corona 24 x 330ml
Keg Bitters
John Smith Smooth 11 Gallon
Tetley Smooth 11 Gallon
Courage Best 11 Gallon
Boddingtons 10 Gallon
Tetley Smooth 11 Gallon
Whitbred Best Bitter 10 Gallon
Courage Dark Mild 11 Gallon
Guinness 11 Gallon
Cask Ales
London Pride 9 Gallon
Doombar 9 Gallon
Courage Best 9 Gallon
Master Brew 9 Gallon